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Bus Budapest Lake Balaton

1/2 hours - 135 km (84 miles)
Known as the “Hungarian Sea” Lake Balaton for many years has been one of the preferred holiday destinations. For those who decide to book their...

Bus Budapest to Belgrade

3/4 hours - 380 km (236 miles)
Any journey should be enjoyable, but when it involves two extraordinary cities, it then becomes a memorable experience. Unlike the stress...

Bus Budapest to Bratislava

2 hours - 200 km (125 miles)
Traveling the 200 kilometers (125 miles) on the bus from Budapest to Bratislava in Slovakia is made to seem a lot shorter, by the comfort and...

Bus Budapest to Brno

3/4 hours - 326 km (203 miles)
Having left the astounding capital city of Hungary, you could now find yourself aboard a modern and comfortable bus from Budapest to Brno....

Bus Budapest to Cluj Napoca

5/6 hours + border - 466 km (290 miles)
Transylvania is a region of Romania that is steeped in tradition and for those who want to see it and the countryside surrounding it, a bus from...

Bus Budapest to Debrecen

2/3 hours - 230 km (143 miles)
The Great Hungarian Plain has Debrecen as its capital city, which is the second largest in the country, with a population of about 200,000....

Bus Budapest to Graz

4 hours - 395 km (246 miles)
Graz in Austria is 395 kilometers, or about 246 miles from Budapest and in 1999 it was nominated as a UNESCO world heritage site. Your journey by...

Bus Budapest to Katowice

6 hours - 578 km (359 miles)
When you board the bus from Budapest to Katowice you can look forward to a comfortable travel experience over a distance of about 578 kilometers,...

Bus Budapest to Kosice

2/3 hours - 258 km (160 miles)
When you are visiting a particular city, you want to be sure that the journey is a comfortable one. Taking the bus from Budapest to Kosice, is...

Bus Budapest to Krakow

5/6 hours - 391 km (242 miles)
Leaving the wonderful country of Hungary in the Budapest to Krakow bus, you are now looking forward to experiencing the history and fascination...

Bus Budapest to Linz

4/5 hours - 433 km (269 miles)
An easy and convenient booking on the Budapest to Linz bus will take you to the third largest city in Austria, as well as the largest port on the...

Bus Budapest to Ljubljana

4/5 hours - 463 kilometers (288 miles)
The capital of Slovenia is 463 kilometers (288 miles) of comfortable travel on the Budapest to Ljubljana bus and when you arrive, you are...

Bus Budapest to Maribor

3/4 hours - 339 km (210 miles)
Any holiday, visit or journey should be relaxed and enjoyable and this is what you can expect when you book your tickets on the Budapest to...

Bus Budapest to Munich

6/7 hours - 684 km (425 miles)
Your experience of Bavarian culture is located in the south of Germany, 684 kilometer, or 425 miles by bus from Budapest to Munich. This is the...

Bus Budapest to Pecs

2/3 hours - 208 km (129 miles)
If you want to experience some lovely scenery, viewed from a relaxing and friendly environment, then the journey by bus from Budapest to Pécs is...

Bus Budapest to Poprad

2/3 hours - 254 km (157 miles)
Taking a bus from Budapest to Poprad is a journey that provides scenic pleasure on the way and a wonderful mixture of activities and culture when...

Bus Budapest to Prague

4/5 hours - 525 km (326 miles)
Only 525 kilometers (326 miles) separate the capital cities of Hungary and the Czech Republic, but the journey by bus from Budapest to Prague and...

Bus Budapest to Pula

6 hours - 610 km (379 miles)
A bus from Budapest to Pula, Croatia, is a wonderful way to experience this land on the southern point of the Istria Peninsula. With its mild...

Bus Budapest to Salzburg

5/6 hours - 545 km (338 miles)
When you are booking your trip on the Budapest to Salzburg bus, you can look forward to becoming part of the city of music. The birthplace and...

Bus Budapest to Sarajevo

6/7 hours - 555 km (344 miles)
Taking the bus from Budapest to Sarajevo in Bosnia Herzegovina is a journey of 555 kilometers (344 miles) and an experience that is made up of...

Bus Budapest to Split

7/8 hours - 750 km (466 miles)
A city, located in the Mediterranean Basin on the Adriatic Sea and 750 kilometers (466 miles) from Budapest, will be your destination when you...

Bus Budapest to Timisoara

3/4 hours + border - 287 km (178 miles)
The bus from Budapest to Timisoara in Romania, will take you on a journey that will long be remembered as an experience that included visiting...

Bus Budapest to Trieste

6 hours - 562 km (349 miles)
Trieste is an Italian port city, located by the Adriatic Sea and recognised for its ancient castles. Two of them are the Castello di Miramare,...

Bus Budapest to Venice

7 hours - 706 km (438 miles)
As you book your ticket for the 706 kilometers (438 miles) journey by bus from Budapest to Venice in Italy, it could be conjuring up a variety of...

Bus Budapest to Vienna

2.5 hours - 243 km (151 miles)
In 2001, the city of Vienna in Austria was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, which should not be a surprise, as you will discover when...

Bus Budapest to Zadar

6 hours - 626 km (389 miles)
When you take a bus from Budapest to Zadar in Croatia you are embarking on a journey to a city that is steeped in history and rich in heritage....

Bus Budapest to Zagreb

3.5 hours - 341 km (211 miles)
Zagreb (Croatia) is a central European city of nearly one million people, located in the centre of the cultural and historic triangle comprised...

Our service

With EuroShuttles you travel in comfort and style. Book our Budapest airport shuttle service to the Budapest city center, or reserve a private transfer toward many destinations in Europe. In both instances, you will enjoy a door to door shuttle service with pick up/drop off at your hotel or address. Our service suits business travelers, large group of tourists and families with one or several kids. You can choose your departure time according to your needs and there is no baggage fee charged. Our transportation service is secure, very comfortable and timely. Travelers are welcome to book private and group transfers with our shuttle services. Our drivers are friendly and highly professional English speakers, while our vehicles are new and reliable.
-Door to door transfer
-Pick up and drop off at your hotel or address
-English speaking drivers
-Choose departure time
-Comfortable buses
-No baggage fee
-Flexible service

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